What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"I love it there and Christine is gentle and patient. I have already sent 3 friends there. It's been so effective as well, even after the first time!! Beat my expectations."

Elisa Whiston

"I love it there and Christine is gentle and patient. I have already sent 3 friends there. It's been so effective as well, even after the first time!! Beat my expectations."

Elisa Whiston

"Moving my body hair at Magic Laser was a great experience. Christine is very friendly and she tells you exactly what you need. I highly recommend it to everyone."

B. B.

"I loved the result of Laser Skin Tightening. After a week of my first treatment, I noticed huge difference, my pores' size were minimized, the laugh lines beside my nose were lightened, and also some of my brown spots were lightened too. Very happy with the results, can't wait for my next session."

A. G.

"Thanks again for everything the other day and I am really enjoying using the Eminence products every day."

A. R.

Valeria Castaneda 

“Highly recommend this Magic Laser for laser hair removal, especially as a person of colour! I was very apprehensive to start hair removal as a brown girl with sensitive skin, but Christine walked me through the process and explained the appropriate equipment to be used for my skin type, making me feel comfortable with my choice. I’m happy with the results and look forward to continuing my hair removal journey.”

Ajoke Amis

“I was really hesitant to start laser because it’s hard to find melanin friendly laser places but ever since I started laser here a year ago the difference has been amazing!!!”

Angela Colibaba

“I cannot recommend the laser treatment and service at Magic Laser and aesthetics enough. My technician, Christine, was exceptionally kind, skilled, and knowledgeable. The treatment was impressive- very thorough and precise. I have had numerous treatments elsewhere, and this is by far the best experience and I have had- genuinely ‘magic’ equipment and service!” 

Irina Metelyuk

“The results I’m seeing are amazing and as a bonus Christine is an absolutely beautiful human being! Strongly recommend.” 

Sruthi Santhirathasan

“I have been going to Magic Laser and Aesthetics for about a year and a half now and their service is always excellent. The environment is welcoming and relaxing. Christine provides professional and reliable service. She is also accommodating to my appointment schedule, which I appreciate. I’m always satisfied with the results and would recommend Magic Laser to anyone new to hair removal. Christine walks you through and explains the process considerately.”

Zenab Ijaz 

“Great customer service and great results.” 

Joanne R

“I’ve been coming to magic laser aesthetics for a year now and I can’t sing their praises enough. My technician is the best in the business, she does a very thorough job, and is the kindest soul.
I started with small areas and am slowly moving to larger areas, my hair is virtually gone. The technician can explain what lasers will be best suited for you based on different hair and skin types.”

Ivanka Savchuk

“I’ve been doing hair removal laser treatments at Magic Laser and Aesthetics for more than a year now, and I’m really happy with the results. Christine is very professional, efficient and sweet. She always makes things easy for me by sending me appointment reminders and accommodating my appointments in the early morning.
Glad I found Magic Laser and Aesthetics and highly recommend it to everyone :)”


“I don’t generally leave reviews for anything but I’ve been coming here for years and it’s always been great.
I had tried a laser removal package deal prior to this and had a deeply unpleasant experience so I was kind of wary when trying Magic Laser & Aesthetics.
However, I was really reassured by my experience – it’s easy to book appointments, the clinic is conveniently located and the technician Christine is extremely capable. She’s kind and patient which makes what can sometimes be a painful process easier. I have darker skin and the thoroughness and laser used has left lasting results. I’ve recommended her to people I know and would do so for anyone who’s looking for a consistently good experience with visible results.”


“Magic laser did a good job I used to be able to grow a big bushy beard, not anymore, trans recommended.”

Natasha Gan

“I got my laser here and thoroughly happy with the results, price, location, and service by Christine. I appreciate that I wasn’t pushed to buy a package and could go in as a “pay as you go” customer. Scheduling is a breeze and my appointments are quick enough to fit in during a work day!”

Ayoni Gunasekara

“This is the first Google review I’ve ever written. I met Christine when I booked an appointment at Magic laser, over a year ago. Since then, I’ve changed jobs, moved out of Toronto, but I keep visiting just to do more sessions here and only here.
Christine is the consummate professional, with a great bedside manner. Laser isn’t a completely gentle process, and I can be a bit of a wuss. Christine however, makes sure that all my appointments go as smoothly and painlessly as possible.
I’m brown, and have had very stubborn hair in annoying areas, however, the ND-YAG laser they use in this clinic works great with my skin, and is supposed to work on darker skinned clients – and I can guarantee it works. I’ve found that even between my very first sessions, my hair doesn’t seem to want to grow back at all.
The clinic is also conveniently located right by Dundas Station and is extremely clean and is quite upscale despite the competitive prices.
If you’ve been on the fence about getting laser hair removal done, as I was before my first session, I urge you to do a consultation with Christine. You won’t regret it!”

Diana Dotto

“I’m so grateful for Magic Laser! I highly recommend their services for anyone who has light skin and light hair like me. The treatment was super effective and I saw drastic reductions in hair after the 6 sessions I was able to do before COVID. Super trans-friendly, Christine is a kind and considerate person and I’m glad to have had her as part of my journey. Sadly, I moved to another province and am unable to resume treatment with Magic Laser BUT again, Christine is so awesome, she is actually helping me find a new laser clinic to go to in my new home to ensure I get the correct type of machine/laser for best results.”

Swati Verma

“This is one of the best money I’ve put to use. Totally worth it on dark skin tones. The staff is very accommodating and understanding. They have complete knowledge of what’s good for the skin. I have seen notable difference in my skin, all thanks to the magic laser.”

R. G.

“The first session was very effective! The hair didn’t grow back. Very impressive.”

Mimosa Kabir

“I’ve been going to Christine for almost two years now for laser on different parts. She is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, timely and efficient. Most importantly though, I am so happy with the results. I couldn’t recommend Magic Laser more.”

Krystal Zhang

“Customer service was fantastic and the result was great as well!”

Melissa Sobers

“Incredible customer service, the owner makes the atmosphere and experience very welcoming and comfortable, especially as a first-timer to laser treatments. I am extremely pleased with the results, it definitely surpassed my initial expectations (I was a big skeptic at first), I tried everything in the past for my problem skin and after coming here, I regretted not starting sooner.”

Vanilda Ferreira

“Amazing place for laser hair removal and it was the best thing I have done. I highly recommend Magic Laser & Aesthetics, Chris is very professional, clean environment, convenient location near subway station in Downtown. Thank you Chris!”

Ocean Sanderson

“This place gives me confidence omg ? my first treatment I seen amazing results. Great Aestheticians????I recommended all my friends.”

Michelle Mathews

“Christine is a great practitioner. She is very thorough and I have gotten extremely good results. What I appreciated most was that she was as dedicated to making sure I got the results I wanted as much as I was. Her location is right downtown and super convenient. Thank you so much!”

Vikki Brown

“Great service! Never have to wait to be seen past my appointment time. She is quick and efficient and a pleasure to deal with.
Prices are great for downtown too! One of the other things I really like is that I trust her. She has never tried to make any hard sale and has even told me that I don’t need further treatments in an area. Never had that before! I highly recommend!”

Romana Tariq

“Christine is the best technician i have ever worked with ! She is kind, caring, attentive and most of all always available for support and communication!. The results also speak for themselves – i have received tremendous reduction in hair growth and it is all thanks to her “magic” hands !”

Diana Z.

“I’ve been seeing Christine for the last few months for laser hair removal. She is very professional and has a lot of experience. She answered my questions patiently and honestly. I saw results after the first treatment. Highly recommended.”

Marlene C.

“Christine is absolutely amazing! I have been struggling with strong facial hair since I was a teen going through various different methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, epilating and I had tried laser before but It didn’t work well and the machine actually hurt unbearably…. but I have seriously found MAGIC in this place. In just 2 visits my face is so smooth! I no longer have to stop anyone from caressing my face I will literally be getting every body part I can lasered! Thanks again Christina you are God Sent! Christine’s machine also is much more bearable than most. I would definitely give this a try you won’t regret it!”

Lyan K.

“The services at magic laser are exquisite! Christine is amazing to work with and incredibly understanding. She explains everything and answers all my questions with so much detail. Results were noted after just one session! I’ve converted all my friends over! HIGHLY recommend!”

Isabel K.

“This place is amazing! Very friendly and helpful staff. I’m a first timer and they made the experience so comfortable! Highly recommend!”

Megan Y.

“Amazing service at unbelievable prices! The results are also fantastic 🙂 Have been recommending all my friends to come here!”

Jackie G.

“Christine is super friendly, knowledgeable, and amazing! During the first session, she took the time to explain the process and answer any questions that I have. I am currently getting a Brazilian and underarms done and continue to see results after each session. I am already planning other areas that I’m going to get done! Not to mention, it is in the most convenient location downtown, right outside Dundas station – can’t get any better then that! Thank you Christine and Magic Laser for making my hair-free dream a reality!”

Hayley T.

“Christina is so lovely and pricing is great!”

Jenny Tran

“This place deserves more reviews!!
Started my laser treatment in August for 3 body parts, but now I’m down to 1 part because Christine doesn’t wanna do them lol…but really she just doesn’t wanna charge me something that no longer require more treatment.
Christine is extremely polite and professional. Very knowledgeable and try her best to answer my million questions. I talk to her like I’m talking to a friend! 
She educate me about my treatment, from showing me the types of laser beam to different wavelengths that suitable for each body parts. 
I plan to start another part of my body with her! 
This is my first online review and I give it to you Christine! You are so amazing you know that?!?”

Azzy Mehr

“Magic Laser and Aesthetics provides amazing service compared to other clinics I’ve been to. Very caring and cautious staff. Technician is very knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve seen such great results so far. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get laser hair removal!”

Sabby B.

“Visited Christine for the first time today, I wish I had known about her sooner! I got a promo facial from her today, and she took care of my face! Like the others mentioned, she’s very meticulous and knows her stuff! I finally found my regular aesthetician!”

Stefanie H.

“Christina is efficient but takes time to provide professional, honest and knowledgeable feedback to any aesthetic related question, even if that means not selling something offered within her own business. I’m also happy with the results from my visits with her (laser hair removal for Asian hair in bikini line).”

Bashar B.

“Terrific experience, very thoughtful. Great results.”

Erika G

“Great and very very very attentive service!”

Trista S.

“The service was fantastic! The spa was very clean and the aesthetician was very friendly and offered lots of addition advice on services. I would recommend this service 100%.”

Sandra O.

“Visited Christine at Magic about 6 times for laser treatment as of this writing.   Christine is excellent, patient, and very professional.   I feel calm and relaxed in all my sessions.
I have always scheduled myself for a lunch time appointment during the work week.  I’ve never had to wait long to see Christine, nor were the sessions lengthy themselves.  Christine is prompt and efficient without any lack of attentiveness nor dismissal.
I would strongly recommend.”

Sureena B.

“Highly recommended!! Great service and the price is just right!!”

Ashley A.

“Just started laser hair removal here. Christine was very nice, and informative. Did my 1st session for my armpits and already noticing a difference! Her prices are VERY competitive. The laser itself actually really hurt- but no pain no gain! Looking forward to my next sessions.”

M. R.

“I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service I received last Friday. It wasn’t painful, you took your time and I’ve had no negative reactions… The last place I went to, burnt my underarm. Can’t wait for the next treatment :)”

Sarah J.

“Very professional service, skilled technician. Good quality laser.”

Marie N.

“I love Christine. Honestly, I went to her in 2013 and then recently when when I was having acne issues and my dermatologist recommended I get laser, I knew exactly where I was going to go for treatment. After 1 session, my skin visible had a reduction in acne, which is so encouraging.
She is so detail oriented, warm and friendly, making the appointments a total pleasure. Her space is small, but conveniently located in the office building next to Eaton’s Centre. If you are considering skin rejuvenation, I highly recommend paying a visit to Christine. Her equipment is new and she takes extra care to ensure that everything runs smoothly – from double checking skin temperature to sending a text reminder prior to the appointment so you don’t forget!
Looking forward to my next appointment!!

Carly G.

“Fantastic facial – very relaxing treatment. Thank you and will return soon!”

Ada C.

“It was a very good deal. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated now.”

Allison A.

“Small shop but Christine was very skilled and experienced in her laser hair removal. I would definitely go back here. I’ve had laser hair removal in many places over the years and she puts it at a (safe) setting that is more effective– many places, especially when you buy a limited package, do it lower than maximum effectiveness so you have to buy more sessions. I would definitely go back to Christine.”

Katrina R.

“My sessions are quick and they work!”

Kathleen D.

“Christine is amazing. great service almost always on time. cant say enough great thing”

Jenni W.

“Very nice lady! Makes you feel comfortable and safe during the process. Armpits take less than 2 minutes altogether (realistically speaking) treatment works right away: hair gets thinner, weaker, slow at growing, and sometimes falls out after the month is over! Going back for sure!”

Will E.

“Christine is so great!! Very professional and has great energy. Been going here once a month for a little over a year and I’m very happy the results!”

Sanjna P.

“I am going to magic laser for laser hair removal treatment. I am loving it so far. In just two appointments I already see great results. If you have never tried laser hair removal I highly recommend giving this a go. Christine is very professional. she takes time to explain how it works and what to expect.”

N. C.

“Excellent service, and so happy with the results! Would definitely recommend going to Christine!!”

Tamara R.

“A wonderful and thorough facial treatment using excellent organic product. I would definitely go again.”

Jalyssa B.

“Great experience. I would definitely recommend it!”

April Q.

“Super nice!! She really makes you feel comfortable during the sessions.”

Tanya M.

“Great service, would return!”

L. B.

“Christine is super patient and empathetic!! 🙂 Hair removal can be embarrassing but she clearly wants her patients to feel comfortable and she is totally nonjudgmental. I saw results after the first session and I have really thick dark hair! Its even helped a lot with ingrown hairs and I notice a huge difference. She rocks!”

Rachel D.

“This is the place to go. I say that never having been anywhere else but why would I try somewhere else? She is lovely. It’s quick and clean.”

Michael A.

“Great service, the most up-to-date equipment, and a sexy technician. What more could you ask for..”

N. C.

“Excellent service, and so happy with the results! Would definitely recommend going to Christine!!”

Sara M.

“I had the most pleasant laser treatment visit at Magic Laser & Aesthetics. The procedure was explained throughly before starting treatments. Service is exceptional and pricing can’t be beat. No more painful than waxing and totally worth it.”

Rachel T.

“Christine is wonderful!!!
Not only is the treatment easy and quick but she is pleasant, flexible and responsive. She sends me reminders when I need to book my next treatment.”
Highly recommended.

Talita M.

“Amazing service, staff is super careful and caring. Loved.’

Urmilla C.

“Great experience.”

Arvind S.

“Christine is great :)”

Rezwana I.

“Quiet atmosphere and relaxing.”

Zoe M.

“Great service – easy / no pain – will come again thanks”

Michelle C.

“Christine was wonderful. The facial was very nice and relaxing.”

Su Ping C.

“Christine is very accommodating, friendly and professional. She makes the whole process very comfortable. Would definitely recommend Magic Laser.”

Rozita S.

“Christine is wonderful and if your appointment is with her, you are in good hands as she is perfect at what she does and is super nice and professional!!”

Cristina M.

“This was a really pleasant experience. Christine was awesome from start to finish. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated which was exactly what I went there for. I would go for facial treatment 1 a week if I could! Highly recommend this place and Christine.”

Nadiya G.

“Christina is Amazing! I love all her services. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and informative. Highly recommend her.”

Rebeca V.

“Christine is so nice and professional!”

F. M.


Reema B.

“Great, friendly, professional service and real results.”

Chantal H.

“Very informative, keeps me well informed of the lazer procedure, friendly service…plus the location doesn’t hurt.”

Marie S.

“Christine was very good and explained everything. My face looked great when I left and had some great suggestions. Marie:)”

Priya N.

“I was very happy with Christina, she did a very good job.”

Sharon C.

“Really lovely facial, would recommend!”

J. G.

“Thank you for working your magic on me! I love the results! I am so grateful.”

Lauren K.

“Excellent service and great location!”

Ingrid V.

“Thank you so much for this facial, it was just amaziiiiing!”

Carly G.

“My skin feels amazing!! Thank you!”

A. A.

“Clean, friendly.”

J. B.

“Christine is very fast, friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I have already booked my follow up appointment and have also booked others as well. I’m pleased with the service and appearance of the surroundings. I recommend!!”

C. C.

“Christine provided one of the best facials I have ever had. She’s very thorough and informative as well.”

S. L. 

“Very thorough treatment.”

A. H. 

“Christine is really nice. This was my first visit and it was a great experience. She is very knowledgeable.”

M. V.

“The facial and massage were heavenly. You will be so relaxed afterwards that you are better off scheduling time off. Enjoy!”

P. K.

“Great massage and facial. Will go back.”

A. C.

“Very good service! Christine took the time to explain procedure and was thorough with the facial. She also uses organic products, I have very oily/acne-prone skin and the products she used did not cause a reaction/breakout. Highly recommend!”

Sarah D.

“I discovered Magic Laser through Groupon and booked an appointment immediately based on Christine’s great reviews. Just went for my first laser hair removal treatment earlier today and Christine was very professional and informative, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. For an awkward procedure to have done for my very first time, I felt I was in good hands. I recommend this place 100%.”

K. G. 

“Christine is just a diamond! Great aesthetician, personality and service. Enjoyed every minute of it and I will be returning for sure!!!”

Clarissa B.

“I honestly couldn’t recommend Magic Laser and Aesthetics enough! Christine is AMAZING. She made me feel completely comfortable and walked me through the laser process step-by-step. I noticed a difference after the first session! I have tried laser hair removal at two other locations in Toronto and never saw any results. Magic Laser and Aesthetics is giving me the results I want and for a fab price.”

Stephanie F.

“I’ve been to Christine for several body parts for hair removal and I am thrilled with the results. She is professional and very well informed about laser.  I have no hair left on my underarms and feet and plan to continue to other areas. Her office is small, but you won’t get better service or results anywhere else. I’ve been to another very high priced spa for laser hair removal before but the results were nothing like what I got with her yag laser. My skin is fair and my hair is dark, but the treatments also work for darker skinned individuals.”

L. B.

“Christine is a skilled professional The décolleté massage was quite relaxing as well.”

C. B.

“Great service!!! Would buy again!”

J. R.

“Very good service Park at the Eaton Centre and you don’t even have to go outside!”

B. R.

“Christine is lovely and the products are wonderfully healthy for the face.”

L. T.

“…Christine is unbelievably professional, although my facial was a painful procedure it’s THE most effective one I’ve had in a long time, she cleared out ALL my pores!!”

M. A.

“Professional and timely service.”

T. V.

“Thank you very much for your beautiful job!!!”

R. S.

“Very relaxing treatment! Arrive early and enjoy!”

Debbie L.

“Christine is an extremely professional aesthecian.  I discovered her services using a Groupon deal when I first moved to Toronto  She is courteous and acknowledgeable about the procedures and the products she uses.  I have been going for my monthly facials since my first visit four years ago!  She is a real GEM! I love and use all the organic products she uses.  I would DEFINITELY recommend her services!”

K. K.

“Had a great experience, would recommend it to everyone. Professional and friendly staff. Left feeling relaxed and beautiful.”

Sarah L.

“Christine is fantastic and I am so happy that I chose to have my laser hair removal done here. She is professional, polite, and is able to make laser hair removal a pleasant experience! Everything was explained to me and so far my results have been better than expected.
I’ve read reviews of other places and it seems common for technicians to explain next to nothing before treatments and to be rude and rushed. It’s not at all like that at Magic Laser, and I would recommend Christine to anyone. As well, the location is conveniently centrally located (inside the Eaton Centre).”

Our Happy Customer

“My experience was fantastic!!! My esthetician was very calming and did a great job. Highly recommended!”

A. R.

“Thanks again for everything the other day and I am really enjoying using the Eminence products every day.”

Annie P.

“Thank you so much for your great service while I was with you…”

A. G.

“I loved the result of Laser Skin Tightening. After a week of my first treatment, I noticed huge difference, my pores’ size were minimized, the laugh lines beside my nose were lightened, and also some of my brown spots were lightened too. Very happy with the results, can’t wait for my next session.”

N. H.

“Love the products that were used on my skin. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed,”

N. M.

“I love it so much.”

L. K.

“Christine is lovely and gentle and explains everything in advance.”

L. B.

“I am extremely pleased with the services provided and will continue to go there.”

M. K.

“Christine is very friendly – amazing shoulder massage at the end!”

M. Z.

“I had a microdermabrasion facial today, Christina is a very nice and professional aesthetician. I will go back again.”

R. K.

“Christine was fantastic and did a very thorough job.”

N. D.

“Christine was very professional and I almost fell asleep during massage portion! Very enjoyable!”

Our Happy Customer

“Saw results on my skin after one treatment – skin became smoother, as well as the service was very professional but personable in the same time.”

Our Happy Customer

“It was easy to book online. The lady was very nice , the service was excellent.”


“I’ve have been visiting Magic Laser for the last 6 months for Skin Rejuvenation. Christine administers the treatments very professionally. She knowledgeably describes the steps as she treats the skin and is considerate of her clients’ needs. She was very delicate with using the laser and carefully individualized the treatment to my skin type. I am very happy with the results and I would gladly recommend her clinic.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christina was very professional. I will visit her again when I am in Toronto. Highly recommend her services as well.”

Our Happy Customer

“Was pleased with the services. I felt that Christine knew what she was doing. My skin did look brighter after the treatment.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christine was great to deal with. Friendly and knowledgable. Makes you feel at ease. Would definitely return.”

Our Happy Customer

“Very professional location and staff!”

B. B.

“Moving my body hair at Magic Laser was a great experience. Christine is very friendly and she tells you exactly what you need. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Our Happy Customer

“My experience at Magic Laser was great. Christina is amazing, competent, knowledgeable and very caring.”

Our Happy Customer

“great atmosphere, friendly, nice girl, very private …loved it, and would recommend it highly.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christine is professional and gentle. I saw immediate improvements in my skin after my first visit and I felt so relaxed. I am happy with my treatment and am booking for more sessions. I trust that she will use only the best, organic products best suited for me. I would recommend her services to my family and friends.”

Our Happy Customer

“Treatment was great, atmosphere and esthetician was friendly. Enjoyed the visit thoroughly.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christine is awesome! My skin felt so much better immediately after the microdermabrasion and was noticeably healthier. Christine is an absolute professional and does not try the high-pressure sales to get you buy anything you don’t need. I am definitely going back again!”

Our Happy Customer

“The women at the spa were very pleasant and nice.”

Our Happy Customer

“Conveniently located with a nice relaxing atmosphere – I couldn’t believe that I fell asleep while I was having my treatment.”

Our Happy Customer

“The experience was very enjoyable. Christine was quite friendly, social when required, and informative. I would definitely go back.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christine was great! Very attentive and professional.”

Our Happy Customer

“Thanks Christine for the exceptional service.”

Our Happy Customer

“The aesthetician was simply wonderful.”

Our Happy Customer

“Christine, the lady who saw me, was really great, my treatment had good results and seemed to be really well done, and everyone was nice.”

Elisa Whiston

Recommends this business
“I love it there and Christine is gentle and patient. I have already sent 3 friends there. It’s been so effective as well, even after the first time!! Beat my expectations.”

K. P.

Recommends this business
“I have had an absolutely great experience. Great results (nearly 70% of my hair treated with only 3 times visit so far), super-friendly and experienced staff, cosy and clean environment. I am left more and more satisfied after each session to the point that I am not only going beyond the deal and treating other parts of my body as well, but also strongly recommending it to everyone. I can say with confidence that you will be positively satisfied once you try it.”

Kathy Fisher

Recommends this business
“I had been to other clinics or spas for laser hair removal treatments for so many times in the past years. I tried IPL, Sheer light laser, Spprano XL, even electrolysis, none of them had good result on me, my hair still grow back, just a little thiner. I’ve been to Magic laser and Aesthetics for 3 sessions, I can see the result even after the first session! My hair grow back in patches, I am very pleased to see the result that fast although feel a little sting during the session, but “Beauty is Pain”.
Kristine or Christina is the one who works on my case, she is really caring and patient, very knowledgeable on laser treatments and other skin care treatments. Anyway, very good experience. I give them 5 stars.”

Jessica Hughs

Recommends this business
“Staff in Magic Laser and Aesthetics are super friendly and knowledgeable. They use very advanced laser equipment, make my whole sessions are painless and fast. It’s been few weeks after my first session, I’ve already notice the difference of my hair growth. I love the Eminence skin care line they are selling, it’s so natural and organic, and smells so good and makes my skin so fresh. I highly recommend to everyone.”

Mel Richardson

Recommends this business
“It’s painless and fast. Been there for 2 sessions for my laser hair removal, I can see the result even after my first session. I can’t wait for my next session.”

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