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Tattoos / Melasma / Acne Scars / Wrinkles

Introducing PicoWay®

The PicoWay® laser system is FDA, Health Canada cleared. This device uses a picosecond laser beam with high power and ultra-short pulses durations for a photoacoustic effect that transforms your skin from the inside out! The PicoWay® laser treats acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions (dark spots), and removes black and multi-color tattoos.

All PicoWay® laser treatments use a picosecond laser with high power and ultra-short pulses. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second, rather than a photothermal (or heat) approach that heats the skin and can lead to side effects, such as downtime and scarring.

The PicoWay® laser works below the surface, leaving the outer layer of the skin intact. It can target tattoo pigment, the excess melanin in the skin that causes dark spots, and other pigment; if treating conditions such as acne scars or wrinkles, it creates tiny spaces in the dermis (the layer just beneath the outer skin) to encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

Here are four big reasons our clients love our PicoWay® treatments:

Clinical evidence. Studies have shown that PicoWay® lasers can deliver:

– Improve acne scars in 94%, reduce wrinkles in 92% after just three treatments, with very low downtime.

– 96% in benign pigmented lesion clearance, nevus of Ota, lentigines and cafe au lait macules (CALMs).

– 50% to 75% reduction in treatment of melasma.

– 86% in removal of multi-colored tattoos, even difficult-to-treat blue and green tattoos.

Comfort. PicoWay® Resolve applicators use a well-tolerated approach to building new collagen and elastin in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

Low to no downtime. In brief, 15- to 20-minute treatment sessions, PicoWay® Resolve and Resolve Fusion treatments transform skin while leaving the epidermis intact.

Photoacoustic effect. The PicoWay® system’s photoacoustic effect, rather than photothermal effect, minimizes risk of skin heating and damage to surrounding tissue.


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Deep Wrinkles / Acne Scars / Stretch Marks / Crow's Feet

Introduce you a fractional skin resurfacing treatment for Skin Tightening, Acne Scars, Brown Spots, Sun Spots, Large Pores, Stretch Marks, Deep Wrinkles, Crow’s feet, Skin Laxity, Skin Texture etc.

Traditional technologies have relied solely on optical energy, which not very safe on darker skin type clients, because as optical energy is heavily absorbed by the epidermis, it will cause burning if treat too aggressive.

eTwo is both a non-ablative laser and a non-light based treatment. The eTwo device gives you a complete facial rejuvenation with both the Sublime and Sublative™ handpieces, which will leave your skin feeling like new. If it’s a combination facial treatment, it will achieve dermal remodeling and textural improvement at the same time.

The Sublative™ RF fractional technologies – A new category of fractional skin treatment. It’s fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) technology uses heat energy by reaching deep into the dermis of the skin to encourage significant increases of collagen and elastin in the upper dermis – with low epidermal disruption for all skin types.

Sublative™ Skin Resurfacing is a non-invasive skin treatment, which is able to plump uneven skin from the inside-out and encourage natural collagen production. Bi-polar RF technology is targeted into the skin through the Sublative™ handpiece, which includes multi-electrode pins. The pins create a grid-like pattern on the skin, which ensures that the targeted area is only being treated at the time of application. The skin left untreated around these pin dots is what will produce new collagen to “heal” the skin penetrated by the RF energy. Sublative™ Skin Resurfacing is completely non-invasive, which means you are able to return to regular activities immediately following treatment.

Sublime™ skin tightening is a non-invasive wrinkle treatment. It combines levels of infrared (IR) heat and bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energies to target the dermis layer of the skin, and remodel the deep dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. This predictable deep dermal heating shortens aged collagen fibres. When the older collagen fibres are shortened, this leads to the production of new collagen fibres. Sublime Skin Tightening is completely non-invasive, and clients are able to return to regular activities following treatment. Many people describe the feeling as a deep tissue massage, and it is not considered a painful procedure at all. Results are in immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles.

Sublime™ + Sublative™: Combine two procedures with one device in one appointment, you have the power of resurfacing, plus the bonus of tightening skin. You will get the best results for overall skin improvement.

Study showed:

Over 70% clients achieved wrinkle reduction.

Over 90% clients improved overall facial appearance.

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Organic Facials

Custom tailored for both women and men, choose from an array of the very luscious fruit, vegetable and herbal. All our skincare products are handcrafted by an award winning organic skin care line – Éminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary. These organic ingredients have an incredibly fresh aroma, with natural pure vitamin infusions and high bioflavinoid content. The selection addresses a variety of skin concerns such as oily, acne, dehydrated, premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, tone and radiance.

Select a customized Eminence organic facial specifically created to suit your skin needs and let the active ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin.

All our facials offer a wide spectrum of cleansers, toniques, exfoliants, masques, serums, eye creams and moisturizers that you and your skin specialist will select to give you a customized facial.

Since 1958 Éminence has been creating products that deliver naturally glowing healthy skin, releasing your inner radiance.

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Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin concern that emerges from the overproduction of oil by the skin’s oil glands. Although the oil normally lubricates the skin, it can sometimes get trapped in blocked oil ducts and appears as a pimple. Hormonal changes can also be one of the cause of acne. Acne typically results in painful, inflamed lesions that can appear on the face, chest, back, limbs and virtually any other part of the body.

Magic Laser & Aesthetics provides a number of treatments and technologies for acne. This treatment provides antibacterial properties that soothes and calms the subaqueous glands. This includes the most advanced Lasers, Microdermabrasion, scientifically proven Chemical peels and skin treatments to provide the best solution. In case of minor or moderate acne, our esthetician will suggest skin treatments and home skin care products that are effective and safe to help you control your acne.

*a series of treatments are suggested

Age / Brown / Sun Spots Reduction - Laser Photofacial

Brown spots, also known as sun spots, liver spots, age spots and freckles. They develop on the skin for several reasons, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, medications, menopause and sun exposure. Generally, a brown spot is a focal area of either a higher number of pigment cells (called “melanocytes”) or an increased number of pigment molecules (called “melanin”) located within the melanocyte. Some excess melanin resides in your top layer of skin, or epidermis. Some excess melanin is deeper, in the dermis. Thus, brown spots are really a diverse group of skin issues; different types of increased pigmentation require different lightening treatments.

At Magic Laser and Aesthetics, we are using long pulsed laser light delivery closely matches the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of melanocytes. Heating of the melanocytes in benign pigmented lesions can cause thermal damage sufficient enough to remove these types of lesions.

GentleMAX Pro’s 755 nm wavelength can be used to treat the following benign epidermal pigmented lesions: Mottled or hyperpigmentation, Lentigines, Ephelides (freckles), Epidermal melisma, Café au lait

There are some potential side effects after the treatment, you will feel discomfort, you may bruise a little, swelling, scabs, hyper-pigmentation, or hypo-pigmentation, and lesions recurrence.

During the treatment, you may hear a “Snap” while treating. The darker the lesion, the louder the “Snap”. It is very common to see a “Frosting” of the lesion, the lesion will darken within 5 – 10 minutes after treatment and may remain so until the lesions forms a micro-crust.

Post Treatment Care: Aquaphor, bacitracin or even Vaseline ointment can be used to keep area moist until the crust falls off. The skin underneath will be pink. There is a gradual return to normal skin color over time. You should avoid direct and indirect sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before & after the laser treatment. You should always apply sunscreen at least SPF 30+ on the treated area daily. Sun exposure may contribute to hyperpigmentation in treated area.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. The super fine diamond technology deeply exfoliates the skin on your face, neck, arms or your hands with no downtime. It is the most effective anti-aging treatments on the market. It helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles, helps to decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation (also known as age spots), Microdermabrasion also makes it easier for high-tech skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and help build collagen, which gives skin its youthful appearance.

*a series of treatments are suggested

Radiance Peels

Radiance Peel also called chemical peel, chemexfoliation or derma peeling, it uses naturally derived and engineered chemicals to remove the damaged outer layers from the skin, reduce wrinkles and acne scars. Chemical Peel is harsher than other exfoliating products or treatments. The process helps to remove problematic blackheads and improve acne prone skin, and helps to hydrate the skin, rebuild collagen, lighten and brighten the skin’s natural appearance.

After each treatment, please avoid sun, hot water and exercise in 24 to 48 hours. Always apply sunscreen with SPF 30+ to protect your skin.

Magic Laser and Aesthetics is excited to introduce you our newest peel – Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System.

What if you could discover all the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment using natural and organic skin care? What if you could target aging, hyperpigmentation, as well as sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin in just 3 steps? Now you can do all that and awaken the skin’s inner beauty with this new Arctic Berry Illuminating Collection from Éminence Organic Skin Care.

Deep exfoliation is essential to achieve a luminescent glow. Our superior system combines manual and enzymatic exfoliation with a natural peeling treatment for deeper exfoliation and ultimate results! Powerful anti-aging forces from naturally-derived peptides are the perfect way to finish off your new illuminating look.

In this professional treatment, transformation begins with an active exfoliation from the Enzyme Exfoliant, followed by the Pro Advanced Peel Activator MA20 (multi-acid 20%), a naturally-derived activating peel. Each works in harmony with our exclusive Peptide Radiance Cream to reveal the skin’s true luminosity.

This system is designed as a treatment series that integrates monthly professional spa treatments with your weekly at-home 3 steps routine will lead to more enhanced result.

Incredible results* are seen in just 4 weeks:

  • Restores radiance 80%
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 80%
  • Reduces dark spots 80%
  • Improves dullness 100%

* Percentage of respondents reporting at 4 weeks. Protocol included professional and at-home treatments. Clinically tested by an independent FDA Certified Laboratory.

What is peptide? Peptides are often referred to as the “anti-aging” powerhouse, peptides are an exciting and revolutionary skin care ingredient! By penetrating the top layer of the skin, peptides are able to send signals to our cells to let them know how to function in the best optimal way. Our Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream uses a botanically-sourced oligopeptide from hibiscus seed which relaxes the facial muscles, causing a botox-like effect and is clinically proven to:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines by 40%
  • Increase collagen production by 30%
  • Decrease wrinkles depth by 26%

This peptide directly infiltrates the skin to counter the loss of collagen, repair skin fiber structure, restore skin elasticity and promote cell metabolism – as a result the skin will be softer and wrinkles will be less visible.

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Eyelash Extensions

Want big, bold, fuller, and longer lashes? There is no secret, from Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian to ordinary people, Eyelash Extensions have become increasingly popular hit with women of all ages. It definitely will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and make you look more feminine without any makeup.

Eyelash Extensions are single strand lashes are applied one by one to your own natural lashes with a stronger medical adhesive. There are many different types of Eyelash Extensions to choose from. Synthetic lashes are the most common ones. Mink and silk lashes are softer, more lightweight and durable than other types of lash extensions, they are very natural compare to the synthetic, but there are more expensive. Real Mink Lashes are handmade with 100% pure mink fur that creates a natural look and luxurious feeling. They are cruelty free. Eyelash Extensions come with different lengths, different thickness and different curls. Our certified technicians will apply the proper lashes to match your own lashes, make you standout, like a movie star.

Normally, Eyelash Extensions last until the lashes naturally fall out (between 4 – 11 weeks), other factors include the strength and texture of your natural lash, your lifestyle, and the way how you care for your extensions, if you use oil-based eye makeup remover or rub your eyes regularly, your extensions may fall out faster. Partial refills every few weeks will keep up the look.

If you want to remove the lashes once they are applied, it is recommended that you keep them on for at least a week so the glue is not right at the lash line as the remover may burn your eyes.

If you are planning to travel, we recommend that you get your eyelashes extension at least 3-4 days before you are leaving for travel, in case that you may have some irritation or bad reaction.

For brides, we often recommend to get our Natural Set extensions few weeks before your wedding day, so you can decide on how you want to look like on your big day, because it’s always easier to add more lashes than take them off.

Before your appointment:

Please do not wear any make-up, especially do not wear any make-up on your eyes, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara the day before and the day of your appointment. Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild, oil free cleanser. Do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application. This will save the ‘cleanup’ time and allow us have more time for applying the extensions. If you wear contact lens, please remove contact lenses and wear glasses to your appointment, or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive at your appointment. Plan to set aside 1 to 2.5 hours for your appointment.

After your appointment:

For the first 24 hours, avoid getting your lashes wet, you can wash your face with sponge or a face cloth to rinse around the eyes area. Do not splash water on your face. It’s better take a warm bath instead of shower. No sauna, steam rooms, massages or facials. No tanning, and sweaty workouts. After 24 hours, we recommend that you apply eye make-up as little as you can, liquid eye liner is preferred over pencil or powder, because it’s easier to clean.

Home Care:

Do not perm or Tint lashes before or after lash extension application.
Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 12 hours, no steam or sauna in 48 hours.

Be gentle with the lashes, do not pull and rubbing your lashes, pat to dry when washing your face. Recommend to use sponge or face cloth to wash your face.

Do not use an eyelash curler. Do not pull your lash extensions, as it will take out your own lash as well.

Try not to use mascara or waterproof mascara as this will lessen the life of the lashes. Only use oil-free products on your eyes and lashes.

Do not try to remove or cut the Extensions on your own. seek professional help from your technician.

Maintain proper eye hygiene to avoid eye infections.

Try to avoid sleeping face down.

It is not suggested to have Eyelash extensions if you:

Want to have very heavy mascara look but do not have enough natural lashes to support it.

Constantly rubbing your eyes and pull at lashes.

Have any pre-existing eyelid or eye conditions such as Blepharitis and Ocular Rosacea, or Trichotillomania.

Are in chlorinated water many times a week, because the water will release the glue.

Do not want to follow after care instructions.

Please check out our “Before & After” pictures in “Images”.

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