We Got the eTwo!

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We are excited about our newest laser technology in Toronto, learn all about the eTwo by Syneron Candela and what it is used for.

Imagine a device that goes beyond fractional methods for skin resurfacing and contouring. Introducing the eTwo Device, Syneron Candela’s most advanced device is both a non-ablative laser and a non-light based treatment. The eTwo device gives patients a complete facial rejuvenation with both the Sublime and Sublative handpieces, which will leave your skin feeling like new.

The eTwo, you can even perform a combination facial treatment to achieve dermal remodeling and textural improvement at the same time.

What can the eTwo device treat?

  • Acne scars
  • Brown spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun spots
  • Skin Laxity
  • Skin Texture

Sublative Skin Resurfacing

Sublative Skin Resurfacing is a non-invasive skin treatment, which is able to plump uneven skin from the inside-out and encourage natural collagen production. Although there are many skin treatments out there that promise to boost collagen production or contain collagen, it is actually with us all along. Sublative Skin Resurfacing works by reaching deep into the dermis of the skin, and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, the components necessary for skin laxity and its youthful appearance. This is essentially resurfacing the skin from the inside out, and is using the power of fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (RF) to do so.

Bi-polar RF technology is targeted into the skin through the Sublative handpiece, which includes multi-electrode pins. The pins create a grid-like pattern on the skin, which ensures that the targeted area is only being treated at the time of application. The skin left untreated around these pin dots is what will produce new collagen to “heal” the skin penetrated by the RF energy. Sublative Skin Resurfacing is completely non-invasive, which means you are able to return to regular activities immediately following treatment.

It truly is remarkable and the results speak for themselves!

Sublime Skin Tightening

Sublime Skin Tightening with the eTwo combines both bi-polar RF energy and deep infrared heat to target the dermis layer of the skin. This controlled deep dermal heating shortens aged collagen fibres. When the older collagen fibres are shortened, this leads to the production of new collagen fibres. Sublime Skin Tightening is completely non-invasive, and clients are able to return to regular activities following treatment. Many people describe the feeling as a deep tissue massage, and it is not considered a painful procedure at all.

Sublime + Sublative

The great thing about these two procedures being done with one device is that you are able to perform both treatments in one appointment! When you have the power of resurfacing, plus the bonus of tightening skin. It’s been proven that being used together provides the best results for overall skin improvement. 

We are extremely excited to offer the eTwo as a part of our services, and we know you will love it too!

At Magic Laser and Aesthetics, we offer the best in skincare, skin tightening, and skin resurfacing. Call us to book your next Sublime or Sublative appointment! 

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