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Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Toronto, Ontario

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Do you have hyperpigmentation?

What is Hyperpigmentation?

This refers to a focal area that contains a higher number of pigment cells (melanocytes) or an increased number of pigment molecules located within the melanocyte.

Either way this means there is an excess melanin, deeper in the dermis. As a result there is increased pigmentation just in these certain spots that aren’t synonymous with the rest of the skin. This can appear as brown spots or a variety of spots, but commonly seen on the face. 

Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Different types of increased pigmentation require different lightening treatments.

At Magic Laser and Aesthetics, we use the GentleMAX Pro. 

This offers long pulsed laser light delivery that closely matches the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of melanocytes. By heating up these cell in benign pigmented lesions, you can bright about thermal damage to these lesions, and cells. Thus, removing the hyperpigmentation.  

GentleMAX Pro’s 755 nm wavelength can be used to treat the following benign epidermal pigmented lesions:

  • Mottled or hyperpigmentation,
  • Lentigines, Ephelides (freckles),
  • Epidermal melisma,
  • Café au lait

What To Expect During and Post Treatment

Patients sometimes will feel some discomfort after a treatment. Bruising is common, as is  a little swelling, scabs, and possibly hypopigmentation. Your technician, however, will need to assess your skin and offer a consultation prior to the treatment so you can know exactly what to expect. 

During the actual treatment, you may hear a “snap” while treating. The darker the lesion, the louder the “snap” sound.

It is very common to see a “Frosting” on the lesion, which will darken 5-10 minutes after the treatment. At that point there may be a bit of a crust. This is normal and part of the healing process.

It is recommended to use an ointment such as, Aquaphor, bacitracin or even Vaseline ointment to keep the skin area moist until the crust falls off. The skin underneath the crust will be pink.

Gradually the skin colour will return to normal.


Tips: Avoid direct and indirect sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before & after the laser treatment. Hence, why winter months are the BEST time for this treatment.


If you have hyperpigmentation, book a consultation with us at Magic Laser and Aesthetics, in Toronto, Ontario.

At Magic Laser and Aesthetics, we specialize in facial treatments and skin care. We are able to review your skin and suggest the treatments and products best suited for your skin health, skin goals, including anti-aging.

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