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Lash Extensions or False Eyelashes? We Have Tips For Both!

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Whether you get lash extensions or put on your own set of false eyelashes, we have tips to make them stand out, look the best, and last longer.

Let’s get into it!

False Eyelashes Done Yourself

Follow these tips if you are putting on falsies or false eyelashes at home with your make-up routine. Following these will make them “pop” and make your eyes really stand out. 

  1. Always wear eyeshadow primer before your eye makeup. It will help to keep your eye makeup last longer, and no greasy eyelids.
  2. Always curl your natural eyelashes before wearing mascara, and then apply false lashes.
  3. Always apply dark eyeliner close to your lash line before you want to apply false eyelashes.
  4. Waterproofed mascara is best for holding the curls longer, especially for asian ladies eyelashes.
  5. Bend your false eyelashes before applying on your eyes, especially a new set of false eyelashes, it makes them more flexible, so they won’t be too stiff to wear.
  6. If you accidently apply mascara on your eyelid, let it dry first, and then use a dry clean Q-tip, it will easily remove the mascara on your eyelid.
  7. Use your blow dryer, heat your eyelash curler, you will get curlier eyelashes, just be careful of the temperature.
  8. Sleep with a silk pillowcase, it benefits your eyelashes, your hair and your skin (yes on the regular). 

For Eyelash Extensions

If you are getting lash extensions at a spa or salon, you obviously want them to last longer. Here are the best practices so that they look better for longer. 

  1. Steam from the hot tub can weaken the adhesive, try not to be in the hot tub too long, or long hot showers for that long, and/or a sauna. 
  2. Ocean water may cause your lashes to stick together, be sure to shower & gently cleanse your lashes afterwards.
  3. Chlorine reacts with the extension adhesive and makes it very dry and brittle leading your extensions to flake off.
  4. Please wear goggles if you can, or cleanse your lashes as soon as you’re done from the pool.
  5. Clean your lash extensions daily for the health of your natural lashes too.
  6. When you dry the eyelashes (after washing your face) do not rub them, you should gently dab the eyelashes dry.
  7. Only use mineral eye makeup, don’t use oil based products around your eyes. Your eyelash extensions will last longer.
  8. Do not wear mascara over your eyelash extensions.
  9. Do not use eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions.
  10. Do not use Q-tip or cotton balls to clean your eyes or your eyelash extension. Use eyelash comb instead to brush your extensions.
  11. Avoid oil-based products around your eyes, it will weaken the glue.


Note that tips 8-10 are contrary to what you may have heard or seen from your everyday beauty bloggers. However, as a skincare/beauty expert these are the tips you may not always hear… these practices often cause damage to the falsies. 


No matter what, we know you will look radiant. 

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