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Your skin reflects your health

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As the largest organ of your body, your skin is a good reflection of your overall health.

It says a lot about how you are feeling and will showcase things like sun damage, hydration and diet. The truth is your skin works hard, as the barrier to everything external. It protects you and absorbs everything exposed to it.

That being said, it’s incredibly important to care for your skin, to ensure it is hydrated and healthy all year long. Let’s dive into the top tips for skin health and get you glowing!

Tips to optimize your skin health

skin health tips - magic laser and aesthetics

On a daily basis, it’s important to:

  1. Wear sunscreen (after you cleanse and moisturize). The sun’s damage can be done year round, no matter if you actually see the sun or not. Protecting from UV damage is key for anti-aging and overall skin health 
  2. Cleansing is vital, as it clears out the daily exposures, dirts, toxins and makeup that gets into the pores. A fresh canvas is important to allow these skin cells to breathe clearly. 
  3. Moisturizing is important to replenish the cells from any moisture stripped away through cleansing, weather, harsh air, and environment. 
  4. More and more it becomes evident that serums are important for skin health and anti-aging. There are ones that focus on hydration, wrinkles, acne, and so on. Do the research and choose serums that focus on your key treatment areas. A skin expert can help you determine what these should be for your skin and age. 
  5. It goes without saying that hydration is key to skin health. Drink that water! Your skin will reflect it. 


Additional Treatments?

So often we find an excuse to not spend on the quality skincare, to not get the facial, or get the laser treatments to rejuvenate our skin and make ourselves feel our best. The truth is skincare is an investment, you are investing in taking care of the skin the represents you, skin health is a part of self-care and health overall.

If you have been wondering about anything at all – skincare needs, deep facials, skin rejuvenations, anti-aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots/sun spots, or simply laser hair removal or even lashes… know that no one has ever regretted taking the time to take care of their skin.

There is laser hair removal for unwanted hair. 

Skin rejuvenation and microneedling for collagen induction, hyperpigmentation, improving elasticity, and more. 

Chemical or facial peels for revealing youthful glow and refreshing the skin. 

Microdermabrasion for sloughing away dried and dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer. 


Whatever your skin health goals, rest assured and expert will come in handy. Trust the experts. 

We got you.



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